Parco Adriano


Parco Adriano

Parco Adriano

park in Rome, Italy


Bus81 (P.​za Cavour); 116, 116T, 190F, 46, 64, 916, 916F, n15, n20, n5 (Ponte Vittorio Emanuele); 130F, 186, 224, 30, 70, 87, 913, 913F, 913FL, 926, n6, n7 (Cicerone/​Cavour); 23, 271, 280, 34, 62, 982 (P.​za Pia/​Conciliazione); 49, 492, 990 (Crescenzio/​Orazio); 40, n11 (P.​za Pia/​Castel S. Angelo); n10 (Traspontina/​Conciliazione)


Parco Adriano іs а park іn Rome, Italy оn the northern bank оf the Tiber, јust tо the east оf the Vatican. Іt contains the Castel Sant'Angelo.


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