Trincomalee Harbour

Trincomalee Harbour

port in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka


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The Trincomalee Harbour is a large natural harbour in Sri Lanka. Located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka in the heart of the Indian Ocean, its strategic importance has shaped its recent history. There had been many sea battles to conquer the harbour. The Portuguese, Dutch, French, and the English, each held it in turn. In 1942 Japanese Imperial Navy attack the Trincomalee harbour and sunk three British warship anchored there.


The harbour, the second largest natural harbor in the world, is overlooked by terraced highlands, and its entrance is guarded by two headlands. The harbour has 1630 hectares of water, while the entrance channel is 500 metres wide.

Port facilities and operation

The Port of Trincomalee works on a 24-hour basis. It is open every day of the year, except on May Day, when only day light navigation is open.

Port dimensions

Water - 1630 hectares
Entrance channel - 500 meters
Land Area - 5261 hectares



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