U Anděla


U Anděla


Phone: +420 585 228 755
Email: info@uandela.​cz
Address: Hrnčířská 10
Website: www.​uandela.​cz
Hours: Su-Th 11:00-22:00, Fr-Sa 11:00-23:00
Bus: 16, 17 (Tržnice)



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One of the best restaurants in Olomouc. The menu and wine list are extensive, and the rear rooms of the restaurant look out from the top of the city walls across the park. The interior is decorated with lots of interesting antiques and hundreds of potted plants. An example from the menu is the "Dinosaur Steak", which is a chicken fillet on top of a pork cutlet on top of a beef steak for 169 Kč.


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