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Bey Hamam

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The northernmost Byzantine walls of the city and parts of the western walls are still standing, as is the city's symbol - the White Tower. The rest of the walls are in the picturesque Upper Town which offers a spectacular view over the bay, especially in the late afternoon.
The city is also known as "the mother of Israel", due to the once flourishing Jewish community here, which existed from the Roman period and grew substantially after the Ottoman Empire took in Jewish refugees expelled Spain, Portugal, and Spanish territories in Italy; these Jews are known as "Sephardim". Sephardi Jews formed a significant percentage of the city's population and infrastructure until World War II, when, in spring 1943, almost all were deported by the Nazis to the extermination camp at Auschwitz, never to return. However, there are still two Synagogues, and you can see the Jewish Museum.
Also interesting are the Turkish public baths Bey Hamam, the Bezesteni the Alatza Imaret (Ottoman poorhouse) and Hamza Bey Camii (both restored and used for exhibitions).


Seafront and lower town

Aristotelous Square

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  • White Tower. A 16th-century fortified tower, part of the city's erstwhilse Byzantine walls - the only surviving only on the seafront.

  • Aristotelous Square. the biggest of the city-and the promenade with its cafes and restaurants.
    The traditional central food market, with hundreds of stalls selling meat, fish, fruit, vegetables cheap clothes and shoes, flowers, herbs and spices, between Aristotele Square and Venizelou street.
    Take a walk along the long seafront promenade (about 12 km altogether). See the Roman Forum excavations.
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    Upper town


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    Visit the upper town for its traditional old houses, small cobbled streets, Byzantine citadel, the Eptapyrgion fort. Next to the Rotunda, see the Arch of Triumph of Galerius and the ruins of his palace.

    Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments


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    On no account should you miss the Byzantine churches built between the 5th and 14th century ACE, some of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  • Rotunda. Started life as a Roman temple of Zeus, built by Caesar Galerius, and is almost as old as the Pantheon in Rome

  • Agios Demetrios. 7th Century

  • Church of the Acheiropoietos.

  • Latomou Monastery.

  • Saint Demetrios.

  • Hagia Sophia. 9th Century

  • Panagia Chalkeon.

  • Saint Catherine.

  • Saint Panteleimon.

  • Church of the Holy Apostles.

  • Saint Nicholas Orphanos. particularly worth a look for its frescoes

  • Church of the Saviour.

  • Vlatades Monastery.

  • Church of Prophet Elijah.
  • Museums and galleries


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    Thessaloniki is home to many museums, mostly archaeological and ethnographic. The two big archaeological museums are in the city centre, under the OTE Tower at the CHANTH Square.

  • Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum. Andronikou st 6. Covers the history of Thessaloniki from prehistory to Roman times. Adults €6, children free.

  • Museum of Byzantine Culture. Stratou ave 2. Award-winning museum .

  • Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Upper side of the Fairground at Egnatia st 154

  • Teloglion Foundation of Art. Weekdays 09:00-14:00, Weekends 10:00-18:00. Upperside of the Aristotel University Campus Agiou Dimitriou St. €5.

  • Olympic Museum. Tritis Septemvriou & Agiou Dimitriou St. (300 m to the east of Teloglion Foundation of Art). Sports related.

  • Atatürk House, Agiou Dimitriou St. The house Kemal Ataturk was born.

  • Museum at Aghios Demetrios, Agiou Dimitriou St.

  • State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki. Kolokotroni 25, Stavroupoli district.

  • Museum at the White Tower, +30 2310 267832. Tue-Sun 8:30-15:00. Platia Lefkou Pyrgou €3, under 18 for free.

  • Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Post Byzantine Musical Instruments, Katouni 12 (in the Ladadika neighbourhood.

  • Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. Harbor, Warehouse A.

  • Museum of Cinematography in Thessaloniki. Harbor, Warehouse A.

  • Museum of Science.

  • Folklore and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace, Vassilisis Olgas St 68.

  • Jewish Museum, Agiou Mina St 13.

  • Municipal Gallery of Art, Vassilisis Olgas St 162.

  • War Museum of Thessaloniki, Grigoriou Lampraki St 4, +30 2310 249803. €3.

  • Museum for the Macedonian Struggle, Proxenou Koromila 23.
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